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Morningstar Studio  

Fine Wabanaki Arts by Jeanne Morningstar Kent

 Welcome to Morningstar Studio.

 Come and enjoy work which utilizes traditional   Abenaki/Wabanaki Designs.

 Certificates of authenticity assure each purchase as being   Indian Made in keeping with the Indian Arts and Crafts Laws.   I  am an enrolled citizen of the Nulhegan Band, Coosuk   Abenaki of Vermont and am a member of the Vermont   Abenaki Artists Association. I currently serve on the Board of   Trustees for the Institute for American Indian Studies,   Washington, CT.

 NOTE:  Due to surgery, I have been unable to create new   work for this year.  Some is available in the  my web store   and the gift shop at the Institute for American Studies,   Washington, CT.  Thank you for your interest.       Morningstar